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Bringing you the finest quality handmade drums available today, with various hard wood shells are available for bongos and oak  for conags. The shells are specifically shaped to create a vibrant resonating sound. Only domestic cowhide used and all  hardware is made in USA!

All Retro Valje drums are like the original 1960's size: 6 1/2" - 8" Every effort has been made to bring you the finest quality only years of experience can bring.


Including a few select speciality parts available like drum skins and chrome replacement hooks,


Valje offers various services.  from skin replacement and drum repairs to full blown restorations. All work is performed by Ralph Flores who has made it a mission in his life to continue the Valje legacy, by providing all original hardware and wood styles, using the same tooling and original techniques championed by Tom Flores in the 50's and 60's.

Services include:
  • Metal hardware repair
  • Chrome restoring and re-plating
  • Skin replacement
  • Crack repair
  • Wood refinishing
  • Custom hardware fabrication
  • Full drum restorations
  • and much more

All metal parts are made from US steel. Repair work only done on original Valje drum produced by Tom Flores.
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Check out the latest Valje Drum gear.  Including Conga and  bags, new T-shirts and replacement Valje address labels coming soon!